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Throwing Experience FAQ's

What do I need to wear?

Wear clothes that you don't mind getting dirty - you will be playing with wet mud after all!

Do I have to bring my own apron?

If you have a wipe down apron that is great, otherwise you can use one of ours.

What will I be able to make in my throwing experience?

Please put aside any ideas of making vases or anything other than a small pot! When you see potters they make it look *so* easy, but it's a quite a challenge to get the clay to behave. We hope that you will find it great fun and be proud of your little creation, but if you have real aspirations to learn to throw then do get yourself on our five week throwing course .

How many people are on each throwing experience?

We have a maximum of five places per throwing experience, so you won't be alone trying to master the wheel.  We find that having a few people on the wheels makes it even more fun, and lessens the pressure on any one individual, as sometimes the clay really does want to be naughty and not behave itself at all, so having a giggle with others is what it is all about. Equally, you can beam with pride when the clay suddenly turns into a pot in your hands.

Can I take my pot home with me?

When you finish your experience the pot will still be damp clay, but shaped as a pot. We will carefully dry the clay which usually takes about a week. Then your pot will go into the kiln for its first firing which turns the clay into ceramic. After that, the pot has a glaze applied which will make it frost proof and food safe, (ideal for those peanuts or olives!), it is then fired for a second time. The whole process takes about 4-6 weeks and we'll contact you to let you know when your pot is ready for collection.

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