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Clay Classes


Our regular clay classes are extremely popular and usually oversubscribed with a waiting list.   

We offer small classes of 8 people. The classes are suitable for beginners and more experienced alike.  Class leaders are enthusiastic and our studio is probably one of the best equipped in the North West.  Class members are encouraged to experiment and as we make many of our own glazes in-house, the range of decoration opportunities is great.

We offer class swaps and catch ups so nobody has to miss one of their sessions, and classes are on a 'rolling term' basis so that once you have a place it is yours until you decide to move on.

Class members get the opportunity to attend specialist workshops such as Raku and Pit firing, and we bring in experts in their own field to do one off workshops throughout the year.

We also do a mini-workshop for class members once a term concentrating on different decorating techniques

We pride ourselves on creating a warm, encouraging and welcoming space for our class members to enjoy working and playing with clay.

Six week  'rolling'* terms

*Rolling terms are where participants keep their places for the following terms until they decide to

give up their place.

The terms are not 'stand alone' where it is a six week complete block and everyone leaves at the end of the term. We usually have about 10 places falling vacant every term across all classes, and have a 'light' programme for new participants every term so our beginners get lots of support.

 Places are for one class per week for each six week term

2.5 to 3 hours of creating with clay each week.



Cost of each term is £160.00 price includes all materials and firings

Please use our contact submission form on the Contact Us page.

2023 Term dates

Term 1    3/4/5 January - 7/8/9 February

Term 2   14/15/16 February - 28/29/30 March (HT wk comm 20th Feb)

Easter Break

Term 3  18/19/20 April - 23/24/25 May

Term 4  6/7/8 June - 11/12/13 July

Summer Break 

Term 5  5/6/7 September - 10/11/12 October

2 week break

Term 6  31Oct/1/2 November - 5/6/7 December

Christmas Break

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